101 Rainy Ride

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2015 by Rick

Little ride today with lots of rain. Went from Salida to top of the hill that goes to the Royal Gorge toward Canon City. This shot is where we stopped to wait out the rain. Susan was totally wet and not a happy camper. The sun came out on our way back and made everything better. Nice ride.


Where to park at the airport

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I recently flew to Connecticut out of DIA. Wondering where I was going to park GeeGee safely for a week I stumbled upon USAirport Parking.

I think the price of $14 per day for covered parking inside a gated and guarded facility was a pretty good deal. I had no worries about GeeGee being safe. I did lock her up tight, including a heavy cable around the front wheel, and covered her with my nylon cover as well.

Looked like there was a lot of rain and wind that happened while I was gone. The bike cover was covered with heavy dust like it had been blown on while it was raining. I guess their covered parking isn’t exactly like parking inside a garage.

A couple nice things about parking here is that the shuttle is constantly going. They are in communications with the office and they have a bunch of shuttles making laps to the drop off and pickup spots right at your airline check in. The ride on the shuttle itself is right around 20 minutes and hugely convenient.


Long Way To Fairplay

Posted in Lessons, Mileage Report on June 24, 2013 by Rick

We took a little ride June 16th (Sorry for the late update, haha). We weren’t sure which way we were heading as we left. Just kind of following the clear sky areas. We ended up heading toward Hartsel. We were going to go down Colo 9. We did that ride last year the other direction. There were storms all around us. It was kind of fun just going where ever the rain was least likely. Ended up doing about a hundred fifty miles. GeeGee’s still riding well. I’m learning to downshift even more when passing. I’m just not used to revving up her engine so high. Don’t know what I’m afraid of. But I do know that we can sure pass a lot quicker by shifting down a couple of gears rather than just one. We made little stops for a snack in Hartsel then a cup of coffee in Fairplay. The little coffee shop called the Java Moose in Fairplay is a great place to stop for coffee (I gave it 4 stars on Yelp).

Just a Note Abaout Tire Change

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Want to record here that I just changed the rear tire on GeeGee, well I didn’t change it personally. The Yamaha shop in Buena Vista, Colorado changed it. I needed to set up an appointment so that they could order the tire. I think the tire cost about $180 and the labor was $40. 

I had called around a little to find the best place to get the tire changed. Outpost in Pueblo could have done it, but it is 100 miles away. That was a factor since her tire was pretty worn down. I think the cost would have been closer to $300 if Outpost had done it. I also asked Mike’s Garage, in Salida, Colorado, but Mike doesn’t really do motorcycle tire changes. He’s not set up for the task. If he was I’d surely had, had him do it. We’ve always been happy working with him on other stuff we’ve brought to him. He’s tuned up GeeGee and done some repairs on Susan’s car. Mike recommended A&J Foreign Auto Repair out on hwy 50 near the costume place. I called them and the guy said they use “beads” to balance the tire. I did a little research on it and found that Dunlop will not warranty the tire if beads are used. So he was out. Then I remembered the guy named Graves that is setting up that museum just outside east of Salida. He said he was busy with another project and really didn’t have time. 

Finally I remembered the Yamaha shop in BV. Once upon a time I had them change a tire on my Sportster in a kind of emergency. They’ve moved from where I remembered their location. When I arrived on my appointment, the guy running the place was the only person working. He was busy talking to some other guy searching for a part on the computer. When I walked in the other customer asked me if I knew I was in a Yamaha shop. Guess it had something to do with all my clothes being black with Harley logos on ‘em. Haha! I had to wait and finally just asked if I could just leave GeeGee since Susan was outside waiting for me in the car. I left GeeGee there and picked her up in a few hours ready to go. 

Last Odo Reading for This Trip

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Here is the odometer reading at the end of our trip. That’s 48,316. Day we left it was 45,564. That makes this trip 2752 miles in 13 days.

Ready Already!

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Last thing to put on and we’re on our way.

Ready to go

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Had breakfast at the Bear Trap restaurant. Lots of locals there. It was going off! Now we’re all packed up and ready for the day’s travels.